Green Mask Travel and Tours is a well-known, famous, trustworthy and leading Travel and Tour Company in Bangladesh. We ensure our customers a safe and pleasuring trip. All of our travel related services are exclusive, unique, comprehensive and praiseworthy. We believe that we are able to provide you a great travel experience.

Some of our company’s far-famed services are:

  • International & Domestic Air Ticketing

    Green Mask Travel and Tours is the traveler’s best choice for Air Ticket Reservation.

    No other tour and travel companies can beat Green Mask Travel and Tours, when it is about cheap air ticket reservation. We try our level best to provide air tickets at cheaper rates to our customers. Since we are one of the largest Travel and Tour Company in Bangladesh, our air ticket reservation service is unique and praiseworthy. That is why; you are requested to call us to get convenient, cheap, simple and comfortable Air Ticket Reservation service.

    You can trust Green Mask Travel and Tours for our trustworthy air ticket reservation service.

    Of course, Green Mask should be your first and trusted choice for online air ticket reservation. Our years of air ticketing experiences are trustworthy; because we believe in quality service.

  • Tourist Visa Processing

    Please Check Visa Assistance for details…..

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  • Student Visa processing

    Please Check Visa Assistance for details…..

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  • International Package Tour

    Green Mask Travel and Tours offers the best International Tour Packages both for your holiday and corporate trips.

    We prepare the best International Tour Package that will enable you to visit the top destinations. We assist the travelers to travel any of their preferred country, including Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, China, India, Indonesia, Nepal and many other beautiful countries of the world.

    We demand an affordable price to make your dream holiday packages as well as comfortable corporate trips. You can travel through Green Mask comfortably, safely and cheaply.

  • Domestic Package Tour

    Green Mask Travel and Tours prepares dynamic tour packages for domestic tourism

    If you are a nature lover and very much interested to visit Bangladesh, please call us right now. We are here eagerly waiting for you to serve the best travel experience. In order to prepare the best domestic tour package, we integrated various travel related services at cheaper rates. We manage air tickets and transports; reserve hotels according to your budgets. So, everything of your traveling will be comfortable and suitable.

    We provide the cheapest domestic tour package that includes everything you need to visit Bangladesh

    We always try to manage dynamic packaging for the travelers. You can build your own package for air tickets, hotel reservations, and transportation services. We guarantee that you will choose our prepared packages, since we are very much different but reliable than other tour and travel companies.

  • Worldwide Hotel Reservation

    Green Mask Travel and Tours is the best tour operator that delivers the most perfect, safest, cheapest and comfortable hotel booking/reserving service

    We pride ourselves, as we are the best tour and travel company that offers numerous options for worldwide hotel reservation. We provide better hotel prices comparing with many world-class hotels, both in Bangladesh and other countries. Our large network ensures you to book the best hotel. We cover from luxury hotels to cheaper hotels to meet your individual budget.

    We promise that we will provide you the best hotel booking service at cheaper rates

    Since we have good relation with many world-class hotel groups, we can ensure you that our rate is comparative and cheaper than other hotel reservation service providers. So you can keep faith that we hire the best hotel room at a reasonable price.

  • Transport Services

    Green Mask Travel and Tours has three main objects that make us the best transport service provider. These are: safety, quality and reliability.

    We use the highest quality vehicles, including coaches, private cars, minibuses, boats, steamers, motorcycles, and many others to serve travelers. Comparing with other travel and tour companies, our company is the safest and reliable company in providing the best transport services.

    Traveling with Green Mask Travel and Tours not only enable you to get the best transport service, but also enable you to get assistance at every place of your traveling

    We will handle all your transportation related tasks and ensure you that all are running smoothly. We guarantee that there will be no unexpected changes in our fixed schedule, unless there will be any natural disaster or political unrest. So, you can be sure that we will not make any late in your schedule.

In order to provide additional help to the travelers, our company provides experienced driver and supervisor, who are able to speak in English. You can greet with them, and tell them to take at your preferred places.